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Nursing EDification provides a divine training program where our students  may earn
a certificate to become a certified nursing assistant, patient care technician or phlebotomist.  Our center acknowledges the struggle prospective students may face with
adapting in the school setting, so we have coordinated a multitude of training options to
help benefit our diverse students. 


O U R  M I S S I O N

We believe being a valued caregiver is an art. It’s a true skill to have enough empathy to provide for another being. We strive in increasing the morality within our students and believe in return we’ll improve the quality of care they’ll provide to those in need.


Lahaundrea Blair RN, BSN


       Mrs. Blair has been a part of the healthcare family for 14 years. She became a certified nursing assistant at 17 years old .  Meeting several people of different cultures and careers motivated her into pursuing her true passion in nursing.  Mrs. Lahaundrea believes becoming a certified nursing assistant, taught her the importance of self discipline, responsibility and building finances.


      Faced with various aspects of life, Mrs. Blair used her CNA certificate as a stepping stone . She took the scenic route where she advanced to a CMT, LPN and now RN BSN with Certifications as CNA Instructor and BLS/ CPR instructor . 

        Mrs. Blair has been tailored by a variety of healthcare settings, from Long term care, Assisted Living, Rehab and Acute/ hospital settings.  She takes pride in empowering others and believes that this program will  provide numerous opportunities for individuals to advance from entry level positions financially and morally. 

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